Monday, April 16, 2012

Final Art Show piece completed!

After working over 261 hours here is my final render of my 3D Rendered Still Life I created for the Full Sail Staff 3D Arts Show. The title is "Cecil C." my grandfathers name. It is comprised of objects found in his basement and memories of being a kid growing up around him. He was into Ham Radio, did black and white TV repair, and worked for a laundry company his whole life. I considered it a portrait of my memories of him.

 I created everything in the image- modeled, textured, lit, and rendered using Maya/ Mental Ray- Photoshop for the light bloom FX's. Final render size is 43in x 23in or 12900pixels by 6933pixels at 300 dpi

Modeled, textured, lit, and rendered using Maya/ Mental Ray- Photoshop for the light bloom FX's. Final render size is 43in x 23in or 12900pixels by 6933pixels at 300 dpi

Occlusion Render- to show off the models I created. I did not use this occlusion in the final image.
The family at the show- Over 261 hours of work on the project in two months means a lot of time away from them. Mostly I tried to work from 9pm- 5am. Then went back to work at 9am until 6pm to do the normal school stuff.

 My favorite comment was from my 5 year old son Jonas- "Wow, that is cool daddy!" that eased the stress of the last two weeks. Hopefully, they will be inspired to be 'Makers' as well!

Some close-ups of my favorite parts

Sort of hidden-Time for completion is in the upper left section of the wood. 261:38:05 in under two months

You will also see string run throughout the image. This is Reference to my grandfathers unique ability to have ropes and strings all over the basement that turned on lights. 

Glossy glass- Yes double cola is a real drink. Taste like aspirin and cola mix...pretty awful.

My grandfathers Hamm radio call name was Dollar Spending Yankee- so I created this elixir bottle and added one of his favorite sayings- "You are going to have to sharpen your pencil and get that price down"- which he used when purchasing anything.

 I also added a self portrait drawing my son Jonas did in the shadow of the bottle.

I like the way the copper wire turned out. Also in the upper right you can see a 'hand turkey' my two year old daughter Scarlett made at school peaking through.

The picture is Krauss Laundry 1924 which later became Pearl Laundry in Evansville , In. where my grandfather worked for over 30 years

I had several people ask me about the Norman Rockwell photo- I put it in because he has always been a huge inspiration to me. The quality of his work, his routine an diligence to go into the studio at 8am and leave at 6pm every day, and his ability to make you believe/feel emotion and humor in his work are all attributes I am striving for! I have a picture of him in his studio posted above my monitors- it reminds me of what one artist can do over a lifetime of commitment to his craft.

This is the upper left section- This shows a picture of my grandfather infront of his TV repair equipment, Ham radio ad, and upper left a Darth Maul picture my son Tatem did for me.
Photo of the print on the kitchen table and the frame I built the night before show- Notice the fans--waiting for the paint to dry before I mounted the picture. Props to my Dad for teaching everything I needed to know in my youth to later make a frame 24 hours before the show.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Work in Progress- 2012 Art Show

I have had a lot of interest from colleagues, students and friends to post my current work for my next CG art piece. I am using found objects from my grandfathers basement for a big still life. There will be over 50 CG models. Completion time will be 7 weeks. I am 2 1/2 weeks / 78:41:55 hours in while also doing roughly 55 hours a week teaching campus and online students. My brain is hurting...but, I am excited to be creating!

 Sooo, David Hackett, here are some of my 'work in progress' test renders.

 The captions have model name and work times from scratch to current state. I will start Posting the day as well!

Soldering Paste- 1:00:16
Pipe Wrench- 5:45:03

Big Hook- 2:29:42
Blue Gear- 1:59:54 

Counter Weight- 50:17

Small-Pulley- 3:23:19
Drawing Compass- 3:17:45

Hose Clamp- 1:09:54

Loop Screw Driver- Safety Pin- 46:32
Channel Master- 3:21:32

Mouse Trap(first model) 4:21:03

Oil Can- 6:30:19

Paint Brush- 2:25:28

Putty Knives- 1:36:19

Red C-Clamp- 4:37:16

Small Hook- 2:37:12

Cling Can- 2:38:57- DAY 18

Pipe Thread 2:28:27 DAY 18

Small Oil Can- 2:26:38 DAY 19

Painted_Bolt 2:00:01 DAY 19
Hand_Drill- 9:21:36 DAY 20

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Two subjects I am very interested in right now- Macro Photography with CG element integration.

Friday, November 11, 2011

CG Still Life done for Full Sail Staff Art Show April 2011
Done using Maya, Photoshop, Mudbox, Nuke
Occlusion of the models

Original still life setup for reference